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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  January 18, 2024

Wolfson Hospital Switches to Low-Carbon Electric Heat

The Wolfson Hospital in Holon, Israel will deploy low-carbon electric heat as part of a new project. 

Brenmiller Energy, a global thermal energy storage (TES) company, announced it received a $450,000 grant from the Israel Innovation Authority. The grant will be applied to Brenmiller Energy's TES project at Wolfson Hospital.

Brenmiller Energy previously announced approval from the Israel Ministry of Finance for a $3.7 million budget to develop and operate a bGen™ ZERO system for the hospital over a seven-year term. 

According to the Israel Ministry of Finance, Brenmiller’s TES system could lower costs for Wolfson Hospital by up to $1.3 million annually and lower its carbon footprint by 3,900 tons per year.

“Government funding and incentives have become game-changers," said Brenmiller Chairman and CEO Avi Brenmiller in a statement. "They pave the way for profitable, sustainable businesses in clean energy, particularly in thermal energy storage and industrial decarbonization, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies like our bGen™ ZERO."

Brenmiller’s bGen™ ZERO is a thermal energy storage system that converts electricity into heat to power industrial processes at a price that is competitive with natural gas. The bGen™ charges by capturing low-cost electricity from renewables or the grid and stores it in crushed rocks and discharges steam, hot water, or hot air on demand according to customer requirements. 

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