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Commercial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 2, 2024

Estes Adds Two Rooftop Solar Installations

Estes, a privately-owned freight carrier in North America, added two rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installations at Estes’ terminals in Lakewood and Pine Brook, New Jersey. 

Both installations offset nearly 100% of the energy demands for the facilities. The solar projects were installed by Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC, an installer of commercial and community solar projects.

The total savings over a 25-year span are expected to surpass $1 million based on projections and future energy costs.

“The freight industry is incredibly energy intensive, and efforts like this help Estes offset expenses in this area, while furthering our investment in clean, sustainable energy sources,” said Webb Estes, president and COO, in a statement. “Dynamic Energy has been a tremendous partner as we continue retrofitting our terminals with solar panels, lessening the impact energy prices have on our operations and profitability.”

The New Jersey terminals are the fourth and fifth solar installations Estes has completed with Dynamic Energy. Similar rooftop solar projects were also installed at Estes’ terminals in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, Elkton and Baltimore, Maryland, and Greensboro, North Carolina.  

The company has planned additional projects in Norfolk, Virginia and Joliet, Illinois. 

The total 2.4 MW portfolio is expected to generate approximately 1,667,000 kilowatt hours annually, offsetting approximately 1,180 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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