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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar  -  March 28, 2024

Kimball Electronics Lowers Emissions by 36%

Kimball Electronics, Inc. reported a 36% decrease in Scope 1 and 2 market-based GHG gas emissions from the company’s 2019 baseline year.

The electronics company also announced generating $324 million in calendar year 2023 revenue in “low carbon” or “no carbon” products such as climate control and smart energy management; smart meters and industrial controls; and green energy, charging, and storage.

The company is in the process of securing or installing additional renewable energy capacity at all of its manufacturing facilities globally. The company installed its first solar energy system at its manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2022 and is currently in the process of installing additional solar capacity there. In 2023, a solar energy system was installed at its new facility in Mexico, and government approval to begin using the system in 2024 is expected.

The company continues to take a multi-pronged emissions reduction approach to support its goals, including investing in facility and manufacturing efficiencies, procuring and deploying renewable energy sources, and continuing to collaborate with its customers and suppliers to develop and implement energy and emissions reduction strategies.

The efforts of Kimball Electronics to lower its carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and develop low-carbon products and services positions the company to minimize risks and maximize opportunities for the ongoing low-carbon transition. 

Details were published in the company's annual sustainability disclosures within its 2023 Guiding Principles Report, themed “How We Are Winning Together The Kimball Way.” 

“This Report reflects sustainability’s deep roots in our Guiding Principles, which have been the decades-long foundation for our reputation as a company that customers depend on for lasting relationships,” said Ric Phillips, CEO, Kimball Electronics, in a statement.

The report complies with the GRI framework and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Electronic Manufacturing Services & Original Design Manufacturing Standard, as well as the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. The report also documents how the company’s sustainability priorities align with and support the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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