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RE100 touts partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute's Business Renewables Center

The RE100 initiative said in a recent blog post that it has cemented its relationship with the Business Renewables Center, which is part of the Rocky Mountain Institute.  

The RE100 initiative, which is led by international nonprofit The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, represents a growing list of more than 50 corporations that have committed to using 100% renewable energy in their operations. 

The aim of partnership between RE100 and the BRC, according to the blog post, is to increase renewable demand, via buyers, find renewable opportunities, via developers and intermediaries, and provide the means to bridge the two through tools and knowledge. 

According to the blog post:

[M]ajor businesses including Google and Walmart have now set 100% renewables targets through RE100, working together to increase demand for renewable energy and accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. This, coupled with the BRC's transactional expertise in supporting corporations signing large wind and solar deals and thereby adding more renewable energy to the grid, means the partnership has the potential to rocket boost corporate renewables use globally.

According to the post, the RE100 and BRC are running a series of joint webinars for their members "to enable the sharing of experiences and knowledge between major corporates." Previous webinars touched on the subject of power purchase agreements and the renewable energy market in China.

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