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Toyota has improved energy efficiency 24% in 5 years

On a path toward a net positive environmental impact, Toyota Motor Corp.'s North American segment recently released its 2016 environmental report, tracking the Japanese auto manufacturer's progress on a number of long-term goals and its laser-sharp focus on improving energy efficiency within its operations. 

Robin Haugen, general manager of Toyota's plant and environmental engineering group within Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc., recently told Smart Energy Decisions that energy efficiency is expected to account for about half of the emissions reductions needed to reach the company's zero plant emissions goal by 2050. Giving the company a big head start are the significant improvements made in the past five years: According to the recently released environmental report, Toyota North America had improved energy efficiency by 23.6% by fiscal year-end 2016 since its 2010 baseline year. 

Within fiscal year 2016, Toyota says it used 1.64 million MWh of electricity, marking a 2.4% decrease from the previous year, and 177.14 million cubic meters of natural gas, representing an 8.3% decrease from the previous year, at more than 85 North American facilities, including assembly and unit plants, parts and vehicle distribution centers, research and development centers, and offices. The nearly 24% improvement almost doubled the company's target of making a 12% reduction in energy use per vehicle by 2016 compared to 2010. 

Among its other energy-related accomplishments, the company touted its plans to build a 7.75 MW solar array at its new headquarters in Texas, and its achievement of LEED certification for 54 of its Toyota and Lexus dealership facilities in the U.S. and Canada as of FY16. The full report is available on Toyota's website

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