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Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 28, 2017

Solar, LEDs help Iowa library reduce costs by $27k

A small town library in Iowa has seen significant savings in its utility bills over the past fiscal year after completing energy efficiency upgrades and the installation of a rooftop solar project that is generating about 33% of its daily power use. 

The (Mason City) Globe Gazette reported Feb. 25 that the Mason City Public Library's bill was reduced by $27,000 in the past fiscal year to $41,000 from $68,000. In addition to the solar project, the library also completed two other initiatives that have helped to reduce energy costs: the installation of LED lighting throughout the building and 23 openable windows that help reduce the need for HVAC operation, according to the newspaper. 

The solar project utilizes 207 solar panels and became operational July 12, 2016, following three years of planning. 

The library partnered with Moxie Solar of West Liberty, Iowa, to install the system, and Sun Powered Solutions LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, paid for the materials and construction of the plant, the newspaper reported. Under an agreement with Sun Powered, after 15 years, the ownership of the project will transfer to the library. 
Citing comments made by library director Mary Markwalter, The Globe Gazette reported that the project is expected to be productive for 45 years and is guaranteed for 25 years.
The newspaper reported:

Markwalter said all of the changes have made the library staff much more aware of energy saving — "conscientious consumption," she called it.

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