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Commercial, Energy Storage, Commercial, Solar  -  December 21, 2017

Stadium deploys storage for solar-powered EVs

Photo of the Cars Jeans football stadium in the Netherlands provided by Alfen. 

A sports stadium in the Netherlands has embarked on an energy infrastructure project that will allow visitors to charge their electric vehicles with power generated from onsite solar panels. 

During the day, the Cars Jeans football stadium in The Hague generates its own energy from solar panels on its roof; however, that energy is mostly needed at night in order to light the stadium and charge an increasing number of electric vehicles driven by its patrons. Through an agreement between The Hague municipality, the local grid operator, power equipment supplier Alfen and energy supply company Scholt Energy Control, an energy storage installation will allow that power generated during the day to be used at night to supply an electric vehicle charging hub consisting of 20 charge points. 

In a news release, Alfen said the charging hub, which will be directly connected to the energy storage system, will include an advanced load balancing platform to maximize the utilization of the existing grid connection. The company will also supply a remote management platform and connect the system to renewable energy sources and the electricity grid.

Ton Koning, The Hague's air quality program manager said the municipality's hope is that the project "will further stimulate the use of electric vehicles and consequently improve the air quality in our city."

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