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Insights from the 2019 Innovation Summit

While we look forward to the 2020 edition of the Innovation Summit, set for March 9-11 in Houston, it's a good time to explore highlights from the 2019 event.

This Insights report, part of our continuing series, offers excerpts from each general session to give you a taste of the thought-provoking content, as well as the spirit of collaboration in evidence throughout the event. Presentations include:

  • A team from Merck including Christopher Broome, associate director, Energy Center of Excellence; Michael Waslin, senior engineer, Environmental Sustainability Center of Excellence, and Doug Yunaska, associate director, global energy
  • A panel on "Approaches to employee engagement in energy management"
  • Lynda Clemmons, VP, Sustainable Solutions Group, NRG Energy
  • Michael Barry, head of sustainable business operations, Bloomberg
  • Devan Tracy, senior energy engineer, Lockheed Martin
  • A panel of "Strategies for managing risk in energy operations"
  • Jesse Warren, sustainability program manager, University of Virginia
  • Emma Cox, sustainability manager, McDonald's Corporation
  • A panel on "Energy portfolio financial management"
  • Will Coleman, previous CEO, Lucid
  • Allan Schurr, chief commercial officer, Enchanted Rock, LLA
  • A panel on "Innovative approaches to pursuing sustainability goals

Download the PDF to see what you missed. For more information on the 2020 Innovation Summit at The Houstonian in Houston, March 9-11, click here. Interested energy management and sustainability executives can submit an application to attend at this link and interested suppliers can submit an application here.

The Innovation Summit will be followed by Accelerate Houston on March 12-13, also at The Houstonian. For more information on how to engage with sustainability executives from the region, click here.


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