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GHG Emissions, Commercial  -  October 31, 2019

Ports of LA and Long Beach convert 100 trucks to RNG engines

The Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach converted over 100 trucks engines from diesel to clean ultra low-NOx engines fueled by renewable natural gas.

The conversion included setting these trucks up with the Cummins CWI ISX12N natural gas engine, which has been certified by the California Air Resources Board to reduce smog-forming NOx emissions by 90%.

In 2017, the San Pedro Bay Ports adopted the Clean Air Action Plan to transform the transportation industry, which is responsible for about 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than 80% of the state’s NOx emissions. Within that industry, trucks are the largest source of CO2 emissions and the second-largest source of NOx emissions from port-related activities.

The move throughout Southern California is being led by Overseas Freight, Total Transportation Services, Pacific 9 Transportation, 4 Gen Logistics, Orange Avenue Express, NFI industries, Green Fleet Systems, MDB Transportation, Green Trucking LLC, West Coast Trucking, and Tradelink Transportation.

 “Replacing our diesel fleet with CNG trucks running clean-engine technology is part of our long-term goal to be operating at near-zero emissions by 2020,” Vic LaRosa, president of TTSI, said in a statement. “We’re proud to be among the first to deploy ultralow-NOx trucks and encourage the 14,000 trucks that call at these ports each month to follow suit.”

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