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Finance, Solar  -  January 27, 2020

Wisconsin public schools go solar

One hundred schools across Wisconsin could convert to solar energy through a new program from Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

The Solar on Schools program includes a grant up to $20,000, an online resource center and technical assistance for interested schools, NBC15 reported. The program already had a soft launch, which included installations at six schools within Madison Metropolitan School District, Merton Community School District, and the Eau Claire Area School District. Merton installed a 389 kW solar facility in November, which is expected to save the district more than $70,000 in energy costs.

“After we looked at grants, the opportunity to create our own power, and the very quick return on investment, [solar] was something we could not ignore,” Ronald Russ, Merton’s superintendent, told the news station.

Schools in the region are able to apply for the grant on a rolling basis.


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