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Demand Management, Energy Storage, Microgrids, Solar  -  January 30, 2020

DC housing development implements solar+battery microgrid

The Maycroft, a new justice housing development in Washington, D.C., will soon be able to benefit from an onsite community microgrid powered by a solar/battery combination project.

The Resiliency Center includes a 70.2 kW rooftop solar array combined with a 46 kW/56 kWh battery system that can disconnect from the grid and provide power to residents for up to three days during unplanned power outages.

The system was constructed in a collaboration between SimpliPhi Power, who provided the battery systems; Pepco, who will manage the interface between the batteries and solar installation; and New Partners Community Solar.

During outages, the Resiliency Center’s technology allows it to become an independent and self-sustaining microgrid by running 100% off the batteries and solar arrays.

"The impacts of climate change have manifested in more frequent and severe weather events; resulting in power disruptions for millions and costing the economy tens of billions of dollars each year,” SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg said in a statement. “Customer-cited energy storage can provide instant access to reliable and affordable power when the grid goes down and optimize energy usage when the grid is available, benefiting both utilities and energy consumers.”

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