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Finance, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 5, 2020

San Bernardino launches biofuels fuel cell project

The city of San Bernardino, Calif., will soon be receiving clean power from a 1.4 MW biofuels fuel cell project under a 20-year PPA with FuelCell Energy.

The fuel cell technology company will begin constructing the project in partnership with the City of Bernardino Municipal Water Department. The SureSource 1500 power plant will operate on the city’s anaerobic digester gas, which will be used in FuelCell Energy’s system to produce clean electricity and thermal energy for the SBMWD water reclamation plant.

“The FuelCell Energy fuel cell plant will produce renewable energy for the Water Department by using the biogas generated at the Water Reclamation Plant,” SBMWD General Manager Migeul Guerrero said in a statement. “Especially important to our city is the reduction of the flaring of the waste water treatment biogas, which is also a key element in the Department’s compliance plans with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.”

The project is expected to begin operation in December. FuelCell Energy will be financing the construction of the project and any future costs through a previous credit agreement with Orion Energy Partners.

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