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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  August 10, 2020

Republic Services to purchase 2,500 electric waste collection trucks

Republic Services announced Aug. 10 a new project to develop and purchase 2,500 electric waste and recycling collection trucks in one of the industry’s first large-scale moves toward fleet electrification.

The recycling and waste disposal company entered into a partnership with Nikola Corp., who will help them develop the order of zero-emissions collection trucks. The vehicles are expected to be integrated into Republic Services’ fleet in 2023 and the deal could be expanded to 5,000 vehicles over its life.

"This partnership significantly accelerates Republic Services' progress in fleet innovation to drive profitable growth, reduce emissions, enhance customer loyalty and create long-term shareholder value," Jon Vander Ark, president of Republic Services, said in a statement. "Our agreement with Nikola represents the industry's first large-scale commitment to fleet electrification. We expect to realize significant operating cost savings and environmental benefits from these trucks, and we are confident that our customers, communities and employees will benefit from our bold commitment."

The electric trucks under development by Nikola Corp. have a range of 150 miles and can be recharged overnight.

Republic Services set a goal last year to increase operational efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35%. They expect that the new fleet of electric vehicles could result in up to 90% lower emissions on a per-mile basis.

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