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Commercial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 12, 2020

Go Beyond the Meter with Kroger, Ithaca College and California Polytechnic

Two new episodes of the Beyond the Meter podcast series have been released, featuring guests from Kroger discussing “Teaming on Sustainability” and Ithaca College and Cal Poly on “Evolving Energy Strategies in Higher Ed.”

These episodes continue the mission of the series: to explore the evolution of energy management and renewable energy sourcing strategy by large electric power users in key industry sectors. Beyond the Meter is made possible with support from Duke Energy Renewables and Duke Energy One.

New episodes include:

Episode 10: Teaming on Sustainability—Manufacturing & Retail with Lisa Zwack and Denis George

While many people know Kroger as the nation’s largest traditional food retailer, few know that they are effectively the fifth largest consumer packaged goods manufacturer in the nation. In this episode, we learn about Kroger’s commitment to protecting people and the planet by advancing positive change in their company and communities The podcast explores Kroger’s “Zero Hunger, Zero Waste” social impact plan as well as the company’s very ambitious, 2030 ESG Goals. Joining Smart Decisions Founder, John Failla, for this episode are Kroger’s Lisa Zwack, Head of Sustainability, and Denis George, Category Manager – Energy. 

Episode 11: Evolving Energy Strategies In Higher Ed - What's Next?

Institutes of higher education are large consumers of energy. From the lights and heat that are needed to keep students and faculty comfortable enough to learn effectively, to the equipment, technology, and staff required to keep things running, the expense is enormous. Therefore, these institutions have a tremendous opportunity to push forward the move toward sustainable energy solutions, which will result in a cleaner environment and better future, and cost savings for them. Join Smart Energy Decisions’ John Failla and his guests, Bill Guerrero of Ithaca College, Dennis Elliot of California Polytechnic, and Wayne Johnson of Duke Energy for this enlightening conversation.


Additional episodes of Beyond the Meter will launch in November. You can catch up on earlier Season 2 episodes, including "Resiliency in Healthcare" and "Resiliency and Technology in Cities," as well as all of Season 1, featuring  AT&T, The Home Depot, Michigan State University, and Sprint. Click here to listen to Beyond the Meter episodes and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. 


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