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Commercial, Industrial, Wind  -  October 23, 2020

C&I facilities could see significant economic advantage from on-site wind

A new report found that 20% of large U.S. commercial and industrial facilities would financially and operationally benefit from on-site, behind-the-meter wind energy projects.

The report by One Energy found that this percentage of large C&I facilities translates to an estimated $66 billion in deployable capital, or 35,825 MW of generation capacity, based on a 0% Investment Tax Credit. That number could grow to $95 billion as economies of scale and known technology improvements become effective.

“Many C&I entities are under tremendous pressure to reduce GHG emissions, increase production and cut costs,” Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy, said in a statement. “Our analysis shows that for many manufacturing facilities across the country, particularly in the Midwest, on-site wind makes tremendous sense—lower GHG emissions, reduced energy costs and increased control.”

The installation of such systems would give companies control over their energy loads for better rate predictability and more reliability with on-site power generation.

The report consists of four main sections: the total addressable market (TAM), the serviceable market (SM), serviceable market growth and the company’s expansion strategy for its flagship behind-the-meter product.

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