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Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  April 6, 2021

City of Perry Gains Solar Project on former Brownfield Site

The city of Perry, Iowa, will install a 1-megawatt solar facility on the town's western edge. The site is a 7-acre remediated brownfield area where the city has worked for several years to build a renewable energy project. The city will receive revenue from lease payments for 25 years and will also obtain renewable energy credits (RECs) from the project to offset their GHG and carbon dioxide emissions progress toward sustainability goals.

Alliant Energy will oversee the construction of the solar facility and will own, operate and maintain it as part of its Customer Hosted Renewables Program. There are no upfront financing or other costs to the city of Perry.

In a statement, Sven Peterson, Perry city administrator, said, "The new Alliant Energy program allowed us to move forward to build a solar facility, which will help us redevelop a property that is challenging to reuse," said Peterson. "In addition, the Raccoon River Valley Trail is adjacent to this installation and that will provide a highly visible opportunity to promote and educate the public regarding solar energy. It's an ideal site for the project."

The solar project is expected to be operational by mid-2022.

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