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GHG Emissions, Finance, Sourcing Renewables  -  April 23, 2021

Goldman Sachs 2020 Sustainability Report

 With the release of the Goldman Sachs 2020 Sustainability Report, "The Future, NOW: Integrating Sustainability with Purpose across Our Business," the company notes, "We view climate transition and inclusive growth as drivers of risk and opportunity for us and our clients. As this era has evolved, we have integrated and elevated our sustainability efforts across the firm." 

Despite worries that COVID-19 would slow down sustainability efforts, Goldman Sachs achieved $156 billion in sustainable finance activity in 2020, more than one-fifth of its total $750 billion goal. 

Explore this report to learn how Goldman Sachs' cohesive and integrated OneGS approach will advance the climate transition and their own goals, including reaching net zero emissions in their operations and supply chain by 2030.


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