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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 23, 2022

Meta Plans New Renewables-Powered Data Center in Idaho

Meta announced Feb. 16 that its newest data center will be located in Kuna, Idaho, through an investment of $800 million.

The data center will source 100% renewable energy from clean energy assets connected to Idaho Power’s grid. The deal will make Meta the first customer of Idaho Power’s Clean Energy Your Way program.

“We are thrilled to be breaking ground on our newest data center in Kuna, Idaho. Thank you to all of our partners who helped us move this project forward,” Darcy Nothnagle, director of community and economic development at Meta, said in a statement. “Kuna is a great place to call home and we are committed to investing in the community’s long-term vitality. We look forward to having a strong, fruitful partnership for years to come.”

The project is expected to bring 100 operational jobs and more than 1,200 jobs during construction to the city. Meta plans to break ground on the 960,000 square-foot data center in September 2022, with construction completed in 2025.

Meta will also be investing approximately $50 million in a new water and sewer system for the city. The infrastructure for the system will be built by Meta and dedicated to the City of Kuna to own and operate.

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