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Distributed Energy Resources, Distributed Generation  -  April 25, 2022

Copenhagen Deploys Hydrogen Taxis

One hundred hydrogen taxis and a new hydrogen refueling station are now operational in the Danish capital city as part of the collaboration between two pan-European projects.

The ZEFER (Zero Emission taxi Fleets for European Rollout) and H2ME2 (Hydrogen Mobility Europe) projects, both funded by Europe’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership1, deployed the hydrogen taxis in Copenhagen with app-based taxi company DRIVR. The Toyota Mirais runs on green hydrogen from renewable energy, following the installation and opening of a new hydrogen refueling station (HRS) in the city.

The taxi deployment in Copenhagen will complement 60 taxis previously deployed to Hype by STEP in Paris. The 120 vehicles operated under the ZEFER project have driven over 7 million kilometers fuelled only by hydrogen. 

The Danish government targeted all taxis to be zero emission by 2030. The 100 new hydrogen taxis will complement DRIVR's existing low emission fleet, already comprising hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles.

“We are incredibly proud that DRIVR has been entrusted with the important task of helping the municipality of Copenhagen reach its environmental goals, and we’re very grateful for the cooperation with Toyota, which has enabled us to meet their needs with the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen cars,” said Haydar Shaiwandi, CEO DRIVR, in a statement.


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