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Commercial, Solar  -  April 27, 2022

Consolidated Communications Adds Solar

Consolidated Communications, a fiber provider, announced the signing of its first two community solar agreements in Maine and Minnesota. 

The commitments, arranged with assistance from Insight Energy, increase the availability of clean power. 

In Maine, Consolidated is subscribed to 5.3 MW of solar capacity located in Versant Power. Its subscription is expected to generate approximately 6,470,335 kWh annually and will be supported by 409 company properties in the state.

In Minnesota, Consolidated is participating in the Solar Rewards Community Program, a community solar program administered by Xcel Energy. The company is subscribed to eight local solar gardens for nearly 2.6 MW of solar capacity, which is expected to generate approximately 3,092,466 kWh annually. The energy generated from the two subscriptions is the equivalent of GHG gas emissions from nearly 763,000 gallons of gasoline consumed.

“These commitments represent an important step in our journey to continue building a robust, sustainable business while reducing our environmental footprint,” said Bob Udell, Consolidated’s president and CEO in a statement.

The company is undertaking a more formalized study of its emissions footprint, beginning with the establishment of a Scope 2 emissions baseline this year. This baseline will help Consolidated measure and work toward reducing its overall Scope 2 emissions through future initiatives and programs.

The company has also embarked on a project to upgrade lighting to LED across more than 400 locations, as well as a range of other energy conservation measures to improve efficiency and drive further operational emission reductions. It is also establishing critical environmental goals around water consumption and waste, reuse, and recycling programs.

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