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Distributed Energy Resources, Commercial, Solar  -  June 9, 2022

GoFor Industries Adds Solar to EVs

GoFor Industries, Inc. (gofor), a North American leading sustainable delivery company committed to carbon-neutral last-mile services, will add solar to its EVs.

In an effort to further enhance its electric delivery vehicles and services, gofor has entered into an agreement with PI Energy, which has developed a proprietary technology that makes it possible to install solar on almost any surface. As part of the partnership, gofor will join PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program.

Gofor’s participation in PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program will provide the renewable delivery™ company with access to PI Energy’s revolutionary module technology, which is designed to be wrapped on to EVs so that EVs can be charged from sunlight. Some of the benefits of directly solar charging an EV include range extension, decreased battery wear, and lower charging and operating costs.

PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program is the first phase of the company’s commercialization of its next-generation photovoltaic (PV) cell technology. The proprietary technology, based on nanofilm solar cell innovation, using ultrathin silicon, enables practical and low-cost installation of solar modules that are designed to be lightweight, flexible, nontoxic, and easy to install on most surfaces. 

“We are thrilled to partner with gofor, which is leading a better and cleaner way of providing sustainable delivery services,” said Phil Layton, CEO of PI Energy, in a statement. “The company’s participation in PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program will advance our collective goals for improving the performance and energy efficiency of EVs by providing on-board power generation that is lightweight, nontoxic, flexible, and easy to wrap on most vehicles.”

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