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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  July 20, 2022

Nouryon Achieves Carbon Neutrality at Manufacturing Sites

Nouryon announced that five manufacturing sites are carbon neutral, an achievement that includes targets to reduce operational GHG emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to a 2019 base year.

A global specialty chemicals company, Nouryon aims to be a net zero organization by 2050.

The five carbon neutral sites in Brazil operated by Nouryon (Imperatriz, Eunápolis, Três Lagoas (2) and Jacareí), are part of the company’s Integrated Manufacturing Model, offering on-location sodium chlorate and/or chlorine dioxide production.

Nouryon uses renewable energy from its customers sourced primarily from biomass. These reused resources effectively lower the carbon footprint of the site while producing chemicals more efficiently. Simultaneously, on-site production reduces transportation requirements.

These five sites have low Scope 1 GHG emissions and reported zero Scope 2 GHG emissions, which has been independently assured by ERM CVS. These low remaining emissions are offset by the purchase of certified carbon offsets, created from renewable energy projects.

“Nouryon recognizes that this is an important step in our sustainability journey. We will continue to look for GHG emissions reduction opportunities throughout our operations, and in collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners as part of our longer-term commitments,” said Eduardo Nardinelli, Senior Vice President, South America & Global Carbon Business Leader in a statement. “Our plans include improving efficiency in our operations, optimizing our fuel mix, as well as increasing our use of renewable energy through power purchase agreements, on-site renewable projects, utility programs and renewable electricity certificates.”

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