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Distributed Energy Resources, Solar  -  January 4, 2023

Houston Apartments Build EV Charging, Solar

A new multi-family housing complex in Sugar Land, Texas, Provision at West Bellfort, a suburb of Houston, secured a funding commitment from the GCRE Upward Mobility Fund to install an on-site solar energy system as well as EV charging stations.

Construction is expected to be completed in early 2023.  

Gardner Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm and alternative investment platform, announced the funding commitment as part of its effort toward projects promoting clean energy for multi-family housing or upward mobility.

"Gardner Capital will be providing West Bellfort residents with convenient access to EV charging stations at extremely low prices – the additional funding allowing us to go a bit further and offer completely free charging for qualified tenants for at least the next two years," said Michael Gardner, Founder of the GCRE Upward Mobility Fund and CEO of Gardner Capital in a statement. "Promoting EV adoption, while delivering real savings to our tenants is the core of why we launched the GCRE Upward Mobility Fund in 2020 and we will continue to develop projects and fund programs that deliver real economic value to families and seniors across Texas."

The company plans to deploy up to $500,000 annually to expand access to clean energy with grants and soft loans to both individuals and businesses.

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