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Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  March 29, 2023

University and Energy Partnership Advances Wind Turbine Innovation

Universities and energy companies have formed a major collaboration to develop more powerful offshore wind turbines, which could elevate their renewable energy output and facilitate the UK’s transition away from fossil fuels.

The Universities of Hull, Durham and Sheffield are teaming up with two global energy companies, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Ørsted, in a £7.7 partnership that will contribute to advancing the affordability and sustainability of offshore wind energy production through technological innovations.

In a statement, James Gilbert, Professor at the University of Hull, emphasized this collaboration’s significance, “The research at the University of Hull addressed specific challenges in design, manufacture, and control of wind turbines but working with colleagues in other research groups often inspires new ideas and approaches.

According to the statement, the close collaboration with the industry partners ensures the work remains focused on real industry challenges and aligns with the wider needs of the sector. It also provides great opportunities for wider collaboration and helps develop the future high-level skills needed to grow the sector.”

These advancements, along with research at Sheffield and Durham universities, will give manufacturers more ownership over the manufacturing process, enhance yield, and optimize the efficiency and longevity of wind turbines.

With this innovation, the UK will reduce its reliance on non-renewable energy sources and increase the percentage of renewable energy usage. The technology will also accelerate the pace of new wind turbine model development and deployment to achieve government and industry targets.

The collaboration uses a future-forward approach, identifying the next research areas that will have the most positive impact on renewable energy development. Funding has already been secured for additional projects.

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