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Commercial, Distributed Generation, Solar  -  April 4, 2023

REI Co-op Makes New Renewable Energy Commitments

REI announced a commitment to increase access to renewable energy by sourcing locally generated renewable energy in each of its 181 stores and supporting clean energy projects that also benefit homeowners, renters and small businesses. 

The retailer said it is committing to increasing the number of its stores with solar installations so they can contribute to the decarbonization of local grids; working with utilities to offer renewable power programs to small and medium-sized businesses; and simplifying transactions with project developers so businesses of all sizes can directly procure impactful renewable energy.

“Not every customer can buy renewable energy at the scale of a national retailer,” said Kate Wendt, Vice President of Strategy, Transformation and Sustainability at REI Co-op, in a statement. “That’s why we’re pioneering new models and working with the Clean Energy Buyer’s Association to make renewable energy more accessible to everyone.” 

REI is currently working with Middle Tennessee Electric to install a 1.1-MW rooftop solar array that will supply power to the retailer’s new distribution center. The co-op currently operates over 20 rooftop solar installations.

The retailer is also working with to support a new off-site solar power system development in Texas which will supply an estimated 2,500 MWhs annually to fully meet the power needs of REI’s six retail stores in the Houston and Dallas areas.


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