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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar, Wind  -  May 5, 2023

Aston Martin Achieves Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

To advance its Racing. Green. sustainability strategy, Aston Martin achieved carbon-neutral manufacturing at its Gaydon and St Athan facilities, a milestone on its path to becoming a sustainable ultra-luxury business.

Aston Martin has continued the momentum to reduce its environmental impact, following business-wide initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from its manufacturing processes and wider supply chain.

The company’s Racing. Green. program has now expanded to offsetting Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions through Gold Standard verified projects that are making a difference in tackling climate change, signifying a crucial development in Aston Martin’s journey to achieving PAS 2060 certification by the end of 2023 and operating net-zero manufacturing facilities by 2030.

“Our Racing. Green. sustainability strategy is helping to shape our transformation as we take action to turn aspirations into reality, making sustainability central to everything we do,” said Amedeo Felisa, Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda, in a statement. “In some areas, we will need to do more to accelerate progress, but by continuing to intensify our focus on delivery, including achieving certified carbon-neutral manufacturing, we will achieve our ambition to become a world-leading sustainable ultra-luxury automotive business.”

Aston Martin has made a long-term commitment to renewable energy, with all of its manufacturing facilities powered by 100% renewable electricity since 2019. The company is also committed to advancing new renewable electricity generation projects across its facilities.

This includes the recent installation of solar panels at the Aston Martin Works facility and heritage dealership in Newport Pagnell. The company also has plans to install thousands of solar panels at the DBX SUV manufacturing plant in St Athan.

Aston Martin’s dedicated Racing. Green. emissions reduction program will also finance projects that are currently reducing COemissions to support the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

Specifically, Aston Martin supports a wind power portfolio project in Turkey, which has more than 120 wind turbines installed, generating approximately 575,000 MWh of clean electricity every year for the country.

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