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Industrial, Solar  -  June 13, 2023

BASF Signs Solar PPA in California

BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) announced that the energy usage at its site in Fremont, California is net-zero since 428 rooftop solar panels were installed. 

The site manufactures ready-to-use products for end users such as thermocouples and optical pyrometers and will save 30% in energy costs. The new solar panels will produce 230,000 kilowatts annually, which offsets 100% of what the site is currently using.

BASF signed a long-term solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Trinary Capital, which developed and funded the project through its subsidiary, Trinary Energy. 

“Sustainability is a top priority for our company and this investment in net zero emissions at our Fremont site demonstrates this commitment,” said Jim Peterson, Temperature Sensing General Manager at ECMS, in a statement. “This project also shows that it is possible to make significant modifications in energy use that protect the climate and improve the bottom line.”

The project was also made possible by The Solar Power Couple, which helped to facilitate the collaboration between BASF, Trinary and The Solar Power Couple. The company put the specifications together to match the site’s needs and installed the solar panels at the site.


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