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Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 27, 2023

Nucor Collaborates to Deploy Fusion Plant

Nucor Corporation, a steel producer and recycler in North America, announced an agreement to develop a 500 MWe fusion power plant at a U.S. Nucor steel manufacturing facility.

The agreement was signed with Helion, a fusion power company, and includes an investment by Nucor in Helion.

Fusion power will improve the energy supply for Nucor's steel manufacturing operations, providing baseload zero-carbon electricity. This is the first fusion energy agreement of this scale in industrial manufacturing.

"This project marks a tremendous milestone in the potential for the use of nearly limitless clean electricity for industrial manufacturing," said Nucor CEO Leon Topalian in a statement. "By entering this agreement, we are demonstrating our commitment to be the cleanest steel producer in the world, while setting an example for all manufacturing companies."

Helion has constructed six working fusion prototypes and is the world's first private fusion company to achieve 100-million-degree plasma temperatures. The company is currently building its seventh prototype, Polaris, which is expected to be the first to demonstrate electricity production from fusion.

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