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Major Grocer Takes Scientific Approach to Creating Budget Certainty

Type: Article
Categories: Commercial, Energy Procurement, Industrial, Power Prices
Date Published: 7/1/2016
Source: Constellation
Primary Topic: Energy Procurement

In this two-page case study presented by Constellation, the team details the smart power purchasing strategy it helped create for Giant Eagle, a regional supermarket chain. 

Several years ago, the Giant Eagle team was sourcing short-term fixed price agreements from multiple suppliers based on lowest price. The company, which owns close to 220 stores across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, needed a way to take a more strategic approach and aggregate their procurement process.

Today, Giant Eagle purchases a significant portion of their total load through this strategy, devised with Constellation's help, which they actively manage with MVPe, an algorithmic program in which smaller percentages of load are purchased at regularly scheduled intervals over a longer time horizon, similar to the concept of dollar cost averaging in investing.  Download the report here.

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