Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement: A Snapshot of Key Trends, Strategies and Practices in 2016 - Smart Energy Decisions

Corporate renewable energy procurement: A snapshot of key trends, strategies and practices

Type: Research Study
Categories: Commercial, Distributed Generation, Finance, Hydro, Industrial, Regulation, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind
Date Published: 10/18/2016
Source: World Wildlife Fund, Corporate Eco Forum
Primary Topic: Sourcing Renewables

This report on corporate renewable energy procurement highlights key trends; strategies; implementation practices; and policy and state engagement priorities. Based on a survey of 37 Corporate Eco Forum members and Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles signatories, the report details how commercial and industrial corporations are mobilizing around clean energy. 

Survey respondents represent nine sectors with combined revenues exceeding $1 trillion, and all survey respondents are active corporate players in the current renewable energy market. The report covers the various types of instruments and structures being used by corporations in pursuit of renewable energy — including renewable energy credits, green tariffs, power purchase agreements and onsite generation projects — as well as the most common drivers for corporate procurement of renewable energy.

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Tags: CEF, wwf

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