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Corporate guide to moving beyond RECs to accelerate your commitment to additionality

Type: White Paper
Categories: Commercial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables
Date Published: 1/17/2017
Source: EDF Renewable Energy
Primary Topic: Sourcing Renewables

This white paper, presented by EDF Renewable Energy, is intended to serve as a primer for corporate energy buyers that are looking to achieve additionality with their renewable energy purchases. 

While the purchasing of renewable energy certificates, or RECs, has historically been a popular method among corporations to make claims of their carbon impact mitigation efforts, customers are increasingly demanding that carbon reduction "additionality" be achieved by their suppliers' renewable energy efforts. Customers know that by demanding renewable energy "additionality" among their suppliers, they can effectively see past those suppliers who merely purchase REC certificates and identify which suppliers actively reduce the world's carbon footprint by enabling the construction and addition of new renewable energy sources into the world's electricity grid.

In an effort to help businesses make the best choices on that journey, this report offers guidance on five key questions corporate energy buyers face when identifying their optimal path forward in pursuing renewable energy additionality. 

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