Webinar replay: Why finance should lead sustainability efforts

Type: Webinar
Categories: Commercial, Industrial, Finance
Date Published: 9/24/2019
Source: ENGIE North America
Primary Topic: Finance

The role of CFOs and finance leadership in energy and sustainability decisions has been changing in recent years, as new stakeholders and solutions opportunities emerge.

ENGIE North America has confirmed this with a recent market research survey of over 100 C-Level Executives of Fortune 1000 companies. Tune in to Smart Energy Decisions and ENGIE’s webinar to find out the results of this study and to learn:

  • How the role of CFOs and finance leadership is changing with energy decisions
  • Which new stakeholders have emerged to influence sustainability strategies
  • How green finance and sustainability affect corporate finance departments
  • Explore how new contracting mechanisms can reduce risk in energy operations

Listen to the webinar here

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