2020 State of Distributed Energy Resources - Smart Energy Decisions

2020 State of Distributed Energy Resources

Type: Research Study
Categories: Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, GHG Emissions
Date Published: 12/23/2020
Source: Smart Energy Decisions
Primary Topic: Distributed Energy Resources

The 2020 State of Distributed Energy Resources Study, conducted by Smart Energy Decisions and sponsored by NRG, explores the usage, consideration, drivers, and barriers for DERs among large electric power users.  DERs have growing appeal in part because of the broad array of technologies available to generate power at or near the point of use, often with significant cost savings. 

Among the findings presented in this report:

  1. Customers want control over their cost of power without spending their own capital
  2. Customers are confused by their choices of power
  3. Customers see DERs as a means to gain control over their power with innovative models and partnerships
  4. DERs are the best antidote to power outages
  5. DERs can help customers achieve renewable and sustainability goals

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