State of Distributed Energy Resources Study 2021 - Smart Energy Decisions

State of Distributed Energy Resources Study 2021

Type: Research Study
Categories: Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, GHG Emissions, Microgrids
Date Published: 1/12/2022
Primary Topic: Distributed Energy Resources

The past year proved once again why distributed energy resources (DERs) continue to represent a transformative shift in the energy industry. Results of the 2021 State of Distributed Energy Resources Study, conducted by Smart Energy Decisions in partnership with NRG Energy, show that interest and implementation of DERs continue to grow due to their proliferating benefits, from cost savings and increased resilience to emissions tracking and reductions.

Read this report to learn why:

  • The promise of DERs is being fulfilled
  • Interest in DERs remains strong
  • Awareness of financial risks of outages is rising
  • Sustainability targets are a strong driver
  • Partner preference is fragmenting




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