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Low Carbon Technology Strategies for Large Offices

Type: Article
Categories: Commercial, GHG Emissions
Date Published: 2/18/2022
Source: Better Buildings, U.S. Department of Energy
Primary Topic: GHG Emissions

Through Better Buildings, DOE has developed Low Carbon Technology Strategies guidance documents to support you in your journey to reduce carbon emissions in your buildings. The primary purpose is to aid owners and operators of existing buildings in planning retrofit and operational strategies to achieve deep carbon reductions. 

This guide for Large Offices includes steps that building owners and operators can implement to achieve smart, healthy and low-carbon large office buildings within their existing building portfolios. Large offices are typically over 50,000 square feet and often include complex heating and cooling systems. Assess current conditions in your building against the simple, intermediate, and advanced options to begin planning your next steps to reduce carbon emissions.

Download this guide from Better Buildings to explore simple, intermediate, and advanced steps you can take to lower the carbon footprint of your Large Office:


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