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Fordham University's Climate Action Plan

Type: White Paper
Categories: Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions
Date Published: 12/5/2022
Source: Fordham University
Primary Topic: GHG Emissions

The latest Climate Action Plan from Fordham University report details not only strides that the department of facilities made in 2021—such as converting 90% of the lights in the Rose Hill Gym to LEDs—but also Fordham’s plans for the future and the efforts it has made since 2007, when the University joined the NYC Carbon Challenge and committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2017. Fordham extended that commitment in 2017 by pledging a 40% reduction by 2030; to date, Fordham has reduced its carbon emissions intensity by 31.77% and its energy consumption by 16.64% from its 2005 base-year levels.

“As a University, we’re working toward a more sustainable world and doing the part that we can do here, both in the physical plant, as well as the academic realm and the relationships to the community,” said Marco Valera, vice president of administration, upon releasing the report.

Download Fordham's report to explore the University’s commitment to sustainability.


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