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Case Study: Marriott Infrastructure Resilience & Adaptation (MIRA) Program

Type: Case Study
Categories: Commercial, Distributed Energy Resources
Date Published: 1/29/2024
Source: Marriott International
Primary Topic: Distributed Energy Resources

The Marriott Infrastructure Resilience and Adaptation (MIRA) Program is tasked with evaluating climate-related risks across the hotelier's global portfolio of nearly 8,600 properties across 139 countries and territories. 

Through this comprehensive program, Marriott identified current and future climate risks and has a strategy in place to manage potential impacts, improve resiliency, and mitigate loss to stakeholders. MIRA will be implemented through a four-step strategy. The action-oriented process is intended to be ongoing, with responses 

Download this case study to explore MIRA's four-step strategy. results achieved, and keys to success:



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