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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 28, 2020

FedEx expands EV charging infrastructure

FedEx Corp. announced Feb. 27 the next phase of developing their electric vehicle infrastructure network, which will include adding charging stations to 42 of their locations in California.

The shipping company started construction on the first phase of electronic DC charging stations in January and in November added 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles to their fleet, which will benefit from the charging network now being pursued. Over 1,000 electric vehicles will be able to be charged each day across the new charging network.

“FedEx is thrilled to continue being a pioneering industry leader in the electric vehicle space,” Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer at FedEx Corp., said in a statement “The vehicles and DC charging infrastructure will not only help FedEx meet our operational efficiency and sustainability goals, but provide learning, scaling and experience to others in the vehicle electrification journey. We believe this will be a game-changer.”

The charging system, designed for FedEx by Chanje Energy, will feature higher maximum power output, variable rate technology to adjust charging speed and energy use to maximize efficiency and a software platform for remote monitoring.

The electric vehicles that FedEx is purchasing through Chanje Energy will be produced starting later this year and will be maintained and supported by Ryder System, Inc.

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