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GM moves into wind power on path to 125 MW renewable target by 2020

General Motors Co., which had a banner year for solar additions in 2015, is moving into wind power generation in 2016 with the execution of a power purchase agreement that will help power three of its facilities in Mexico and one in Texas. 

At GM's assembly plant in Arlington, Texas, Wind power is expected to provide 55% of electricity demand by the end of the year, according to the company's 2015 sustainability reportThat 115 million KWh of renewable energy, according to the report, will help GM avoid about $2.8 million in energy costs annually. 

The wind power is attributable to GM's 65-MW power purchase agreement with Enel Green Power from its wind farm in Palo Alto, Mexico. GM’s total renewable portfolio, which includes solar, landfill gas, hydro and waste-to-energy, reportedly totals about 107  MW; the company is targeting 125 MW by 2020. 

In the shareholder letter included in the report, Chairman and CEO Mary Barra reiterated that GM has saved more than $80 million to-date through switching to renewable energy. 

In the area of energy efficiency, GM reported that it realized energy intensity improvements of 14% while carbon emission intensity decreased 15% since its 2010 baseline year. By 2020, GM hopes to have achieved a 20% reduction in both metrics against the 2010 baseline. 

GM also touted itself as a leader in a number of external energy management programs, including the U.S. EPA Energy Star program and the Department of Energy's Better Buildings, Better Plants program.  


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