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Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  July 20, 2016

Glass manufacturing segment of Ardagh Group announces Energy Star recognition

A division of Ardagh Group, which makes glass containers for the U.S. food and beverage industries, said July 12 it has received four plant certifications from the U.S. EPA's Energy Star program. 

The North American segment claims it is the only U.S. glass container manufacturer to receive the recognition, which was for superior energy performance. 

The Ardagh Group says its four manufacturing facilities, located in Bridgeton, N.J.; Dunkirk, Ind.; Madera, Calif.; and Milford, Mass., "have demonstrated best-in-class energy performance" and have performed within the top 25% nationwide for energy efficiency, on average, when compared to similar plants across the country.

The glass facilities, the company said in a news release, have improved energy performance by upgrading and optimizing furnaces, utilizing recycled glass, installing energy-efficient lighting fixtures and repairing air compressor leaks, among several other energy-saving initiatives. Since 2010, nine of the North American glass segment's facilities have received 26 certifications, the company said. 

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