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Commercial, Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  March 10, 2017

Japanese Apple supplier commits to 100% renewables

Photo provided by Apple shows a floating solar photovoltaic facility outside Nagoya, Japan, that is one of more than 20 new renewable energy facilities Ibiden will use to generate power for its Apple-related manufacturing.

One of Apple Inc.'s component suppliers, Ibiden,  has become the first company in Japan to pledge it will power all of its Apple manufacturing with 100% renewable energy.

The technology goliath called the company's commitment "a new milestone for Apple and Japan," in a March 8 announcement

The move represents a significant step forward in Apple's efforts to help its manufacturing partners transition to clean power. One of Apple's largest suppliers, Chinese glass manufacturer Lens Technology, announced a similar commitment in August 2016. 

To meet their commitment, Ibiden will invest in more than 20 new renewable energy facilities, including one of the largest floating solar photovoltaic systems in the country, Apple said in a news release. The state-of-the-art floating system is constructed on a converted lumber yard to maximize land use in Japan.

"We're proud to partner with suppliers like Ibiden who recognize that renewable energy investments are good for the environment and good for business," Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president for environment, policy and social initiatives said in a statement. "As we continue our push to power our global operations with 100 percent renewable energy, it is more important than ever that we help our manufacturing partners make the same transition to cleaner sources, and set an example for other companies to follow." 

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