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Energy Storage, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  March 15, 2018

Tesla bids for world’s largest battery system

Xcel Energy has confirmed that it received a bid from Tesla for a major renewable energy and storage project in Colorado that would create the biggest Powerpack battery system in the world if the bid is accepted.

According to a report in Electrek, Tesla already operates “the most powerful battery system in the world” with its 100MW/129MWH Powerpack project located in South Australia. Electrek notes that the Colorado project would have a lower power capacity at 75MW. Even so, they report, “the system would be able to run for four hours, which would require a much bigger energy capacity of 300 MWh.”

The project would be located in Forrest Lake, Colo. The energy produced would be twice the capacity deployed by Tesla during the entire last quarter and would consist of as many as 1,500 Powerpack 2 battery systems.

Tesla declined to comment on the project, which is still only in the proposal phase. Xcel Energy also confirmed that other companies have submitted bids for stand-alone battery projects, including NextEra Energy.

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