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GHG Emissions, Commercial, Industrial  -  June 12, 2019

Climate change: major risk or rosy opportunity?

The world's biggest companies have valued the climate risk to their businesses at almost $1 trillion - and also reported potential cumulative gains from realizing business opportunities related to climate change at $2.1 trillion.

In this report, "Major Risk or Rosy Opportunity," CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) presents results of a deep-dive analysis of almost 7,000 companies across the globe to uncover financial impacts associated with climate change. 

Among the key findings presented in the CDP report:

  • Companies are identifying significant risks but need to expand their analysis
  • The biggest companies report major financial implications
  • The opportunities are bigger than the risks
  • The wins far outweigh the costs of management
  • Companies and investors need to learn lessons from the power sector

Download the CDP report to explore risks and opportunities that could have a substantive impact on your business. 


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