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Energy Efficiency, Utilities  -  March 19, 2020

Utah legislature invests in EV charging network

The State of Utah may be investing $50 million into an electric vehicle charging infrastructure through a public-private partnership in a new bill that was introduced in the state legislature this week.

House Bill 396 would allow Utah to partner with Rocky Mountain Power and put the $50 million investment into an electrified highway across the entire state, particularly focusing on the Wasatch Front area.

Legislators hope the expansion of a statewide DC fast charger network will increase the purchase of electric vehicles in the state and encourage increased tourism in more rural areas.

“The Legislature is excited to announce efforts regarding electric vehicles and clean air legislation,” Utah Speaker of the House Brad Wilson said in a statement. “Studies show that our air is in fact getting cleaner, and we believe this piece of legislation will continue to move the needle in big ways. We find success when we are able to work collaboratively with partners. We could not fund a project of this scale alone on the state level. That is why we are thrilled to have this public-private partnership with Rocky Mountain Power leading this important effort.”

Rocky Mountain Power intends to fund the project on their end using redirected funds from expiring projects. The utility has previously installed 50 DC fast chargers in Utah along I-15 and 1,036 Level II chargers in workplace parking.

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