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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  May 8, 2020

FedEx cuts emissions intensity 40% with fuel saving strategies

FedEx announced May 7 that they have successfully reduced CO2 emissions intensity by 40% since 2009 and avoided more than 3 million metric tons of CO2e emissions through fuel and energy-saving initiatives and their Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize strategy.

A major focus of the shipping company’s energy goals is reducing emissions associated with air and land travel. In their newly released 2020 Global Citizenship Report, the company reported that they reduced aircraft emissions intensity by 24% since 2005, almost to their 2020 goal of 30%, and has the first delivery of alternative jet fuel anticipated in the second half of 2020 to support their goal to obtain 30% of jet fuel from such sources by 2030. Since implementing aircraft modernization and fuel efficiency practices, the company has saved 250 million gallons of fuel and avoided 2.41 million metric tons of CO2e emissions.

Additionally, in the last year FedEx Express and Boeing completed testing on a new technique known as “wake surfing”, or reducing fuel consumption by flying in the wingtip vortex of the lead aircraft. Initial testing estimated that this technique could reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. 

In other transportation-related efforts, FedEx announced in early 2020 that they have started construction on electric DC charging stations at 42 FedEx stations in California. The company also added 390 electric vehicles to the fleet in the last year, bringing their total to almost 3,000. FedEx also set a goal to increase FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency by 50% before 2025 and as of the end of 2019 has made a 40.9% improvement.

Other achievements included in the 2019 report include saving 254 million kWh of energy and 180,321 metric tons CO2e emissions through lighting retrofits and energy management system implementation at various facilities.

“This report demonstrates how we put our CSR strategy to work using our global reach and purpose-driven mission,” Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer of FedEx Corp., said in a statement “It shows how we connect the world responsibly and resourcefully and is an example of how we will continue to do that while providing support on a global scale during these unprecedented times.”

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