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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 14, 2020

Beyond the Meter podcast returns with Season 2

Smart Energy Decisions presents a second season of the Beyond the Meter podcast. The mission of the series is to explore the evolution of energy management and renewable energy sourcing strategy by large electric power users in key industry sectors. Beyond the Meter is made possible with support from Duke Energy Renewables and Duke Energy One.

 “Podcasts have proven to be a natural next step to serve our community. Everything we do at Smart Energy Decisions is intended to help our community navigate the energy transition”, said series host John Failla, founder and editorial director. “Each episode in Season 2 of Beyond the Meter will deliver on that promise as we talk to industry experts and leaders who are living and driving the change every day.” 

Season 2 of Beyond the Meter kicks off with two episodes, which can be found here and on all major podcast platforms:

Episode 8: Resiliency in Healthcare with Eric Bennett and Matthew Stiene
It’s easy to see how life and death are on the line when power outages or disruptions impact a care facility. Join host, John Failla as he speaks with Eric Bennett of Duke Energy and Matt Stiene of Novant Healthcare as they discuss the current state of resiliency in healthcare systems, the challenges faced in becoming more resilient, and what the future may hold. 

Episode 9: Resiliency and Technology in Cities with Michael Kilpatrick, Jane Nickels, Butch Shumate and Sergey Kobelev
Most of us live day to day in our city of choice without giving much thought to the infrastructure and services that living in the city provides. This episode highlights the steps the city of Greensboro, NC has taken to begin its “Smart City” initiative, which includes a number of renewable energy approaches. Guests from the City of Greensboro and Duke Energy will discuss the advantages and challenges of their city’s plan. 

Future episodes will feature “Teaming on Sustainability: Manufacturing and Retail,” which explores the evolving energy management strategies in manufacturing and retail at Kroger, and “Evolving Energy Strategies in Higher Education,” which looks at these institutions in the U.S. facing a Darwinian moment where they must adapt and adjust to the changing environment in order to survive. Crucial to that survival is where universities take their campuses and energy infrastructures. Both these episodes will be available on October 12, followed by additional new episodes launching in November.

You can also catch up on Season 1 episodes here, featuring guests from AT&T, The Home Depot, Michigan State University, Sprint, Duke Energy Renewables and REC Solar.

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