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Energy Storage  -  December 17, 2020

100 MW battery storage project brings reliability to New York grid

New York State will soon be reaping the benefits of utility-scale battery storage through a new project in Astoria, Queens.

Con Edison and 174 Power Global teamed up on an endeavor to construct the largest battery storage project in the state, with a capacity of 100 MW, at an industrial site near the East River where an NYPA-owned power plant used to be located. The East River Energy Storage System will generate 400MWh and will feed power back in the state’s power grid.

“Utility scale battery storage will play a vital role in New York’s clean energy future, especially in New York City where it will help to maximize the benefit of the wind power being developed offshore,” Tim Cawley, president of Con Edison, said in a statement. “This project with 174 Power Global will help displace some fossil fuel-fired generation when the demand for power is highest.”

Under the seven-year agreement, Con Edison will bid power from the battery system into the state’s wholesale market, while 174 Power Global will dispatch the power into the state’s bulk power transmission system. Con Edison will benefit from the revenues from the sales into the wholesale market and 174 Power Global is responsible for obtaining permits to build and operate the project by the end of 2022.

The use of this battery system to provide New Yorkers with reliable clean energy is helping to advance New york’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which aims to source 70% of the state’s power from renewable sources by 2030. By combining this storage project with the state’s portfolio of renewable energy projects, including 9,000 MW from offshore wind, utilities will be able to store excess power and integrate clean energy into the grid when the power demand exceeds the capacity of renewable generators.

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