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Energy Efficiency  -  March 10, 2021

Santa Fe to see $88.6K in savings from energy efficiency overhaul

The City of Santa Fe, N.M., announced March 9 the competition of an energy efficiency project that is expected to save the city $88,649 in annual electricity and natural gas costs.

The city identified nine areas of improvement within public city facilities for the project, including roof replacements, parapet and EFIS wall repairs, power conditioning, pool repair and building automation, scheduling and commissioning. The project was executed through a partnership with Ameresco, which completed the improvements such as upgrading inefficiency HVAC units in the Genoveva Chavez Community Center facilities and replacing the original 20-year-old conditioned air handling equipment.

“We are grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with the City of Santa Fe to implement important infrastructure upgrades throughout the city,” Bob Georgeoff, executive vice president of Ameresco, said in a statement. “Recently designated as a LEED Gold city by the U.S. Green Building Council, this project ensures that the City of Santa Fe will generate substantial energy cost savings while supporting the city’s long term sustainability objectives,” 

The City of Santa Fe has reported already experiencing improved air circulation and temperature regulation since the completion of the improvements, as well as upgraded air conditioning controls in unserved or underserved areas of city facilities.

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