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Commercial, GHG Emissions  -  June 3, 2021

Microsoft Collaborates on Zero Emissions Tech

Microsoft is teaming up with Williams to develop technology and innovation to support the zero-emissions transition.

The two companies completed a Memorandum of Understanding that they will work together to explore low-carbon technologies like hydrogen, renewable natural gas, carbon capture and storage and energy storage. The partnership will allow Williams to progress toward its goal of a 56% emissions cut by 2030 by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure services for emissions monitoring and reporting and by identifying opportunities for higher efficiency through data-driven intelligence. 

Williams also hopes to increase its use of renewable energy and be net zero by 2050. The company has decreased its emissions by 33 million metric tons since 2005.

“Williams shares Microsoft’s vision for a low carbon future. Likewise, Williams is committed to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals while meeting energy demand with the reliability of clean natural gas and renewable energy sources,” Alan Armstrong, president and chief executive officer at Williams, said in a statement. “This alignment between two forward-looking companies demonstrates the environmental and economic benefits that are possible when we work together to achieve reductions in carbon emissions.”

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