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Energy Storage, Solar  -  September 21, 2021

DC Public School Installs Battery System for Excess Solar Generation

A public elementary school in Washington, D.C. recently installed a 60 kWh battery storage system to back up its onsite solar generation capacity.

The project was completed at Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School by Heila Technologies in partnership with SimpliPhi Power and New Partners Community Solar. 

The school first installed a 200 kW solar array in late 2019 and sells 30 kW of excess power back to the local utility to reduce operating costs. The new battery system will allow the school to store excess energy generated by the solar array, which has exceeded 90 kW during the pandemic when the school has been closed.

The excess energy generated and stored in the battery will be used to provide additional capacity to the low-income community around the school.

“Advancing a reliable and equitable grid requires innovation, and we’re proud to partner with these bold thinkers to provide the Ludlow-Taylor school with a creative and cost-effective energy system,” Francisco Morocz, CEO of Heila Technologies, said in a statement. “We hope this project can serve as an example of what’s possible for other low-income communities looking to reap the economic and resiliency benefits of sustainable energy.”

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